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Periodontics: Perio = Around and  Dontics = Teeth. Periodontal surgery is surgery around teeth. The reason for Periodontal surgery is often for periodontal disease which is one of the most prevalent diseases in North America.


Periodontal disease is the destruction of the support around teeth such as the bone, ligaments and gum tissue. This is caused by a bacterial infection and an inflammatory host response. 

If left untreated, damage to the bone may be severe to the point of tooth loss. It is also now documented that bacteria from the mouth can travel systemically through the body and contribute to coronary artery disease.


When the bone is destroyed due to periodontal disease, a space is left behind between the

tooth and the gums. Bacteria begins to invade further and grow due to inaccessibility to clean.  Periodontal surgery is performed to remove the infection and provide the patient the accessibility to clean their mouth with standard hygiene tools such as, a toothbrush.

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